Keeping it weird. I have too many thoughts so I write to clear some headspace. I rant, rave, ramble and occasionally make things up.

A Plethora of Pop Thanks/Giving challenge prompt piece

Photo by Branislav Nenin on Shutterstock

Writing prompt? Check. Involves music? Double-check.

Thanks to this piece by Will Hull and the Plethora of Pop publication run by the fantastic Pierce McIntyre, I find myself spending the only miserable afternoon since I started my holiday two weeks ago answering a tricky writing prompt.

‘Write something relating to…

The Authentic Eclectic

A note to self, and anyone else who needs to hear it

A woman at a beach, facing the sun, her arms spread wide, Jessie Waddell Medium
Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Every time I leave my hometown, be it for an extended holiday or a short break, I wonder why I never left permanently.

I know the answer— My family and friends are all there, but it’s mostly anxiety and fear of leaving my comfort zone.

I’ve always defended the place…

Jessie Waddell

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