There’s No Aphrodisiac like Loneliness

Jessie Waddell
2 min readJul 11, 2021

A Musical Story Challenge inspired by The Whitlams

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

“Don’t be late, I’ll keep the light on.”

“Thanks, Ma, you make the world safe.”

“Ha! You sound like Louis Burdett! Go on, have a good night.”

“I make hamburgers, how good can it get?”

I walked slowly down the streets of Melbourne. I thought of Kate Kelly and how by the end of tonight she wasn’t gonna be my girl. They say fondness makes the heart grow absent, and my heart had been away too long.

I called her up and asked her to meet me at my favourite pub, ‘The Year of the Rat’ hotel. At least when it all went south I could blow up the pokies as a distraction.

I took a booth at the back and she came in beaming.

“You gotta love this city!” she said with a smile. “Want a drink? I’ll buy now and pay later, Charlie”

“Sit down Kate,” I said a little rough, I guess time had made me hard.

“I need to thank you, for loving me at my worst. There’s no one as beautiful as you, but I’m tangled up in blue and I’m afraid there’s no beauty in me anymore, so I’m cutting you loose.”

“Someone else?” She said, she cries too hard.

“There’s no-one” I promised. “This isn’t the end of your world. You’ll find a way, you deserve better than second best.”

“I wish I didn’t fall for you.” was the last thing she said before I watched her walk away.

I told the barkeep to pass the flagon. Tonight wasn’t my best work, but I was alive. I was lonely, but I was free.

“There’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness.” I thought to myself, “The only way to love is if you don’t love too long.”

As I drank to the bottom, I knew I’d met my match. It was time to stumble home along those lonely Melbourne streets. The lights were back on, and I was gonna be just fine.

This was my second attempt at the Musical Story Challenge with the goal to cram as many song titles by the same band as possible into one, short story. Inspired by song titles by The Whitlams. I managed to cram 30 references into this piece. See if you can spot them!

Inspired by Paul Combs and the original piece by Michael Whalen. (Check it out below for instructions on how to participate)

Here is my first piece, inspired by the Gaslight Anthem



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